arranged by Philip Kern

Positioning: Guys center or Guys L vs. Gals R.

INTRO Low double X bounce front w/hands on thighs.
MEAS. 5 Long R arm circle pan to L (Vol. 1, 80-81). M7: repeat w/L.
  M9: double arm circle pan w/lean forward, lean back on flip.
  M11: reach both up R (Vol. 2, 67), clap in, reach up L, clap in.
  M13: reach up center, clap in 2X.
MEAS. 14 GUYS: repeat as above.
  GALS: sway R w/palms facing floor (Vol. 1, 87), palms face out and get higher w/sway L, continue, then lower. Join Guys M20.
  M22: all clap up and down.
MEAS. 23 Dramatic lunge and reach w/R to R, add L on Lord.
  M24: clasp and shake down 3X (Vol. 1, 17). Repeat to L, then center.
  M29: reach and clap as before. Repeat as needed on lyric.
  M37: reach both up center clap in 2X.
MEAS. 38 GALS: pray w/pulse lunging towards Guys (Vol. 2, 24 - see guys).
  GUYS: low U-shaped sway (Vol. 1, 86) to R w/palms pushing out to sides, repeat to L, R and L.
MEAS. 42 All push flat palms up from shoulders.
  M44: flip palms forward and shake down.
MEAS. 46 All low U-shaped sway R, L, R, L, push up and shake down as before.
MEAS. 54 Lean and look low to R (Vol. 1, 45), then quickly lean back.
  M56: push up and shake down as before.
  M58: R jazz hand above (Vol. 1, 64) from L to R, repeat.
  M60: push both up and shake down on own vocal.
MEAS. 65 Repeat as before on own vocal (Opt. GUYS - double X sway).
MEAS. 73 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 81 Reach both out to R side and clap in, repeat to L.
  M82: repeat w/reach up high.
  M83-84: reach up center and clap in, repeat 3X.
MEAS. 85 Hold reach up center ("touchdown" look). Clasp above on mercy and shake down 2X. Clasp above on final piano chord (Vol. 1, 18).


SATB, Level 4 .....16265 SoundTrax Cassette.....12317

SAB, Level 3.....16266 SoundPax......12274