by Jerry Estes

Positioning: Mixed voices: Men top, center or outsides. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO R jazz hand down, L down, R up, L up (palms forward).
  M2: R down, L down, both up (Vol. 1, 56), clasp above (Vol. 1, 18).
  M3: 3-step turn R (Vol. 1, 97), clap low on beat 4, double step t to L circling arms around w/high clap L on beat 4.
  [OPT: M3 push both arms R to neighborís shoulders, lift up in a wave (Vol. 2, 79-81).]



MEAS. 5 Shake R jazz up (Vol. 1, 47).
  M6: shake L jazz up, clasp above on beat 4.
  M7: alternate rows - jazz up then out (Vol. 1, 110), repeat.
  M9: pan R from L to R w/palm up (opt. step bc), repeat L.
  M11: push both arms R to neighborís shoulders, list up in a wave from R to L (Vol. 2, 79-81).



MEAS. 14 Divide choir into 4 groups: punch R fist up w/L fist at shoulder
  (Vol. 2, 127) using half note beat.
  M16: open R jazz and lower to R (opt. R bc), repeat L.
MEAS. 18 4 groups power pose w/R fist up, L hand holding elbow and open stance (Vol. 2, 125).
  M20: R turns into jazz hand and lower all. M21: repeat as intro.



MEAS. 5 Double arm circle pan (Vol. 1, 80-81) facing R.
  M7: step touch 4X R and L w/small fist punches 8X to ground.
  M9: repeat as before but w/jazz hand from eyes (Vol. 1, 16).
  M11: lift palms out to R w/R arm extended (Vol. 1, 62).
  M12-13: alternate palms out, moving across from R to L 8X.
CHORUS Repeat as before. 2nd ENDING: use first half of INTRO.
MEAS. 27 Freeze till vocal. IF SINGING: drop and reach both arms to R w/palms down. ALL shake on glow.
  M32: pull both fists into heart.
  M33: flash palms open at heart 3X on vocals, lift on flame.
  M35: circle claps 3X low to high using piano rhythm.
  M36: pop clap (Vol. 1, 10).
MEAS. 37 Repeat as before. Opt: let each singer reach out and clap in to own direction. M41: as before. M44: first half of INTRO.
MEAS. 46 On vocal, drop low w/both palms out front, facing up.
  M48: double circle pan to R.
  M50: first half of INTRO, end w/clasp above.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....11582

2-Part, Level 2....11583

SoundTrax Cassette....12285