by Jay Althouse

Positioning: Mixed voices: men center. Part I vs. Part II
INTRO Slowly lower head and knees, clasping hands front.
MEAS. 5 Reach both hands up ("touchdown" look), clasp above on "Do" (Vol. 2, 123) and lower down. Repeat.
  MEN: on repeat, open hands above M11, clasp and lower M12.
MEAS. 13 Facing stage R, shake low clasp 3X on vocals (Vol. 1, 17).
  M15: push both jazz hands around face to low clasp on L side in a wave from stage R to L.
  M17: reach both up, clasp and slowly lower, drop head and knees.
MEAS. 23 As before, but do movements on own vocal line.
MEAS. 31 As before, but to L side, wave across from L to R.
MEAS. 37 Circle claps 4X low to high on piano rhythm, end with clasp low.
MEAS. 39 Using accents: GALS shake clasped hands low to the outside 3X then lift downstage hand up and over towards men on "new song."
  MEN: R hand up (Vol. 2, 1), L up, clasp above, drop slowly on "new song."
MEAS. 43 Repeat as above, but women fist hand as it lowers on "strong" (Vol. 2, 126).
MEAS. 47 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 53 All lower clasped hands, head and knees.
MEAS. 55 On vocal line, lift up while opening and lifting palms out to side ("preacher" look) with eyes up for 1 meas., drop and clasp on next meas. Repeat.
MEAS. 59 Add on other vocal lines and repeat.
MEAS. 63 Lift R hand to R and look R, repeat L, close into clasp center.
  M66: lift clasp for 2 meas., lower for 2 meas.
MEAS. 70 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 86 Shake clasp 2X front on vocal rhythm, lift up on cresc.
MEAS. 88 Pop claps 4X using half note beat to lower R, upper R, upper L and lower L.
MEAS. 90 using piano rhythm, circle claps from low to high 9X. End with clasp above.


SATB, Level 4.....7700

3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....7701

2-Part/SSA, Level 2.....7717