ON DVD "In the Spotlight!" #27432

¡CANTAR! (Sing!)

by Jay Althouse


Mixed - men center (Bass top, Tenor bottom), Part I vs. Part II


Chug R to R 3X mirror w/flat hands pushing out, bring foot

back in and hit thighs 2X. Repeat to L. Repeat R and L.


R foot mambo out and back w/R arm curved above head, repeat

L. Low hip swings to R, L, R, L - also swing arms. Repeat.

MEAS. 17

Lift R hand up w/palm down, flip palm up on beat 3, repeat L,

flip into songbook. Lift songbook, open and drop.

M21: repeat hand up/flip R and L, open then lift, close into

songbook above head and drop.

M25: repeat Intro.

MEAS. 29

Repeat as before thru meas. 44.

MEAS. 45

Pull jazz hands over shoulders: R, L, R, R, L, R, L, L.

M49: repeat but a bit higher at forehead level.

M53: repeat Intro.

MEAS. 57

Face soloist, leaning away while rolling arms, face front and

swing hips and arms R, L, R, L. Repeat to new soloist, hips

swing front.

MEAS. 65

As before, but lift and flip hands when you sing.

M73: repeat Intro until vocal/spoken line enters.

MEAS. 77

-Half note Cantar: lift hand up/flip R, L, lift songbook, open

and drop. Repeat as needed.

-Sing alleluia: snap both front 2X, lift songbook up, open and

drop, hit thighs 2X. Repeat as needed.

-Chromatic Cantar: lift hands up from sides, form songbook up

above head and drop. Repeat as needed.

-Sing alle: lift songbook up, open and drop, hit thighs 2X, snap

both front 2X, lift again, open, thighs, snap front 3X on final.

MEAS. 93

Repeat as before at M17.

MEAS. 101

Repeat jazz hand pulls as before.

MEAS. 109

Low hip swings R, L, R, L, then get higher w/cresc. R, L, R, L.

M113: repeat jazz hand pulls R, L, R, R, L, R, L. End w/two

stomps and R "S-curve" above.


SATB, Level 4....19309
SAB, Level 3...19310
2-Part, Level 2....19311
SoundTrax CD....19312