arranged by Jay Althouse

Positioning: Mixed voices: Men vs. Women or trios/couples. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Lift up and down with arms, snapping both when down 8X.
MEAS. 5 Turn to face stage R w/crossed arms, bounce 4X.
  M7: R thumb hitches across for 2 measures.
  M9: R hand waves above head to L, R, L, R.
  M11: little salute w/R, then R falls down to R on blackbird (opt. follow w/grapevine R).
MEAS. 13 Turn to face stage L w/crossed arms, bounce 4X.
  M15: pan L hand across w/palm up, dramatic clasp to center on so is she. Repeat as before.


MEAS. 21 IF SINGING: slowly lift both arms front, cross at chest w/sway.
  M25: open palms, drop on hand. IF RESTING: turn away w/arms crossed, bounce. Sneak a peak on M24 and M28.
MEAS. 29 Pan R hand w/palm down from L to R, snap high R on light. slowly bring R hand across to point at L wristwatch.
  M33: lift both arms back then up on blackbird. R salute and fall on bye bye.
MEAS. 39 Back to back - one side up and down, other side down and up (couples = Men vs. Women).
  M43: wave and salute as before using downstage hand (opt. grapevine).
MEAS. 47 Repeat as before.


MEAS. 55 Repeat as before at M21, switch staging to match vocals.
MEAS. 63 Repeat as before.
  M67: lift R hand back, then lift, lift again. Repeat w/L.
MEAS. 71 point both index fingers up (Vol. 2, 115) and drop front on vocal fall. Quick salute and fall w/R.
  M72: little salute w/R, then R falls down. Repeat w/L.
  M77: slowly lift R salute up.
  M78: matching piano rhythm, salute and up.


SATB, Level 4.....5836

3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....5837

2-Part, Level 2.....5838

SoundTrax CD.....3892