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Staging Suggestions

ON DVD "Step By Step" #27431


by Patsy Ford Simms

Positioning: Concert Position - voices can be mixed.


Chug w/palms down to floor (Vol. 1, 92-93) using half note beat to R, L and double R, L, R, and double L.



Long arms "unfold" to R (elbows first, then hands follow) w/R lunge (Vol. 1, 78 w/palms down), come center and hit thighs 2X on beats 3 & 4. Repeat.


M7: lift R palm above R shoulder w/palm facing in and right angle in elbow - look R, repeat to L, lift both up and down.


M8: palms cross hit opp. shoulders, then open hit shoulders.


M9: turn to L w/palms over own shoulders, then hit neighbor's shoulders 2X on beats 3 & 4 (Vol. 2, 79). Repeat.


M11-12: repeat as before but L palm goes up first.


MEAS. 13

Lift flat R palm up to R (Vol. 2, 48), hit L shoulder 2X on beats 3 & 4. Repeat w/L. (opt. step t R and L.)


M15: repeat as before to R.


M17: repeat as before, but go L first.


M21: repeat chugs as before at Intro.


MEAS. 25

Hold onto neighbor's shoulders (Vol. 2, 65) and move as if going over rocky road. M27: as before to R.


M29: palms together come forward then go L, R and split to R or L depending on which side of stage you're on.


M31: as before to L.



M33: repeat as before thru M44.


MEAS. 45

R jazz hand above head to R, L, R, L (Vol. 2, 4 w/jazz hand).


M47: as before to R.


M49: repeat w/L jazz hand above to L, R, L, R.


M51: as before to L.


M53: repeat as before thru M60.

MEAS. 61

Repeat as before on lyric.


M63: R palm up, L palm up. M64: lift R. M65: lift L.


M65: repeat chugs as before to R, L, double R.


M68: L palm up, R palm up, lift up, down.


End with palms crossed at shoulders and head down.

SATB, Level 4....18694

SAB, Level 3....18695

2-Part, Level 1....18696

SoundTrax CD....18697

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