by Jay Althouse

Positioning: Mixed voices: Guys L vs. Gals R, couple or trios. SSA: adapt choreo around chair(s) using guys from audience.
Props: All gals should have hankie/tissue (white or bright).
  All guys should have a piece of mistletoe.
INTRO GUYS: chug to R 2X, L 2X, repeat (Vol. 1, 92-93).
  GALS: dramatic cry to R 3X, look over shoulder at Guys, repeat.


MEAS. 3 GALS: scoop R w/clasped hands (Vol. 2, 24), then pan from R to L w/L palm up. M5: scoop L, then draw heart from top of head w/both hands, throw kiss to audience. GUYS: turn to L and sway w/hands out to side (Vol. 1, 85) down, up, down, then double to turn R. Repeat facing R.
  M7: ALL turn shoulder shyly R, L, R, L. Guys lift mistletoe in R and above head on rest.
  M9: Gals hold hankie up R (Vol. 2, 141), Guys look up w/L palm flat out. ALL cry 3X, lower each time, sob on beat 4.




Repeat as before.

Gals: M6 freeze, throw kiss w/L on rest.

MEAS. 13 GALS: lean toward guys w/palms facing out R beside face. React to guysí attention on M14, beat 3. Lean again, then vapors 3X on oo we, flash jazz out around face on oo.
  GUYS: scoop to gals w/clasped hands (Vol. 2, 24), then extend palms to her while leaning back. Repeat.
MEAS. 17

GALS: drop hands behind back, lower head.

M19: turn R, cry w/hankie on Boo hoo, sad head nod slow R, lift on cresc.


GUYS: flat palms out to sides (Vol. 2, 84), turn L w/crossed arms.

M19: palms out again, lean L w/L jazz to forehead. Turn R to gals w/arms out (opt. on knee) on you. freeze.

MEAS. 22 GALS: flat palms out to sides, look L w/palms R, palms flat.

M23: scoot w/clasped hands to L.

M24-25: crazy wave hankie.

  GUYS: stand up slowly on M23. Sneak in towards gals w/slow step touch (lean R). Big smile to R on M25 rest.
MEAS. 26 ALL primp. M27: scoop center, GUYS lift mistletoe on rest.

M28: all freeze center.

M29: stand, sigh, peek on rest.

MEAS. 30 Head nods R, L, R, L, R, L, R.

M32: chug to R 2X, L.

GALS: vapors 2X, GUYS: hot hands 2X.

  M34-35: repeat. Stand, lift inside hand on M37: GALS throw kiss L (+ hankie), GUYS w/mistletoe in R and kiss.


SATB, Level 4.....11570

SAB, Level 3.....11571

SSA, Level 3.....11572

SoundTrax CD.....12282