On Choral Movement DVD In the Spotlight!... (00-27432)


by Jay Althouse


Altos center


Altos facing back while primping, dramatic turn front. Others


in awe.


ALTOS: make "A" above head w/fingertips together, dramatic


scoop to R with R fist to heart. Repeat "A" above, bring L index


up to L w/L lean.


OTHERS: lean back and listen (opt. fold arms and pulse).

MEAS. 13

ALTOS: play w/R index front (+head nods) using vocal rhythms, hold up 2 fingers, play 1 note again, "A" above, "family picture."


OTHERS: lean in w/head nods on rhythms, lean back, in again.


M17: lean back w/opt. folded arms.

MEAS. 21

ALTOS: low, up w/arms folded, scoop to Sop., arms to them.


OTHERS: "A" above, arms to Altos ("present" them, like "Door


#3, Price Is Right," low to them, Sop. point to self w/R index


from above.

MEAS. 29

ALL wiper sway using vocal rhythm starting R, open and drop


on one.


M33: ALTOS "A" above, then "family picture" look.


OTHERS: lean back and listen, secret to the outside, grimace.

MEAS. 38

ALTOS: point R index up to R, then down to L, shake R index


front, open palms front.


OTHERS: follow alto points w/head, lean back and listen.

MEAS. 44

ALTOS: play w/R index front, moving to follow line, opera pose


front w/body level moving to follow vocal line.


OTHERS: scoop in and out, in and out, follow altos w/head.

MEAS. 52

ALTOS: low, dramatic oo-ah movement w/hands, low, hold


songbook front to sing fa la las.


OTHERS: "A" above, arms to Altos, outside index up, arms to



MEAS. 60

ALTOS: wiper sways, open and drop, low, "family picture."


OTHERS: lean back, "A" above, arms to Altos.

MEAS. 68

ALTOS: low, "A" above, drop and grin, "A" above.


OTHERS: "A" above, open and drop to them, repeat.

MEAS. 76

ALL: wiper sways, open and drop on because. Altos "family


picture" while others lean back upset. M82 all secret front.


ALTOS: cheer crossing fists, fists out, fists up, "A" above.


OTHERS: end w/arms to Altos.

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