The Teacher's Resource Kit is a Teacher's Resource Kit is available for Books 1 and 2. A necessity for any music educator, eack kit is packed with special assessment pages, additional teaching assignments, classroom materials and even letters to parents - everything to complete your curriculum!

= Contains reproducible materials


In Class Assessment Exercises

Have you ever used the same song in a book to assess the band during class? By the fifth student, everyone has memorized the melody! We've got a challenge for those students. The assessment exercises in the ssessment level; and, just to keep them on their toes, there are more than three exercises that are numbered differently for each instrument!

You will have a perfect tool to test your student's reading abilities.

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Music Theory Worksheets

There are eight different theory worksheets that can be assigned throughout the semester. Worksheets 1-4 test on note naming and rudiments. These worksheets are written for treble clef instruments, bass clef instruments and percussion. The remaining worksheets are for all instruments, testing rhythmic patterns.

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Music History Worksheets

The history worksheets are a great way to bring music into the other subjects that students are learning in school. There is a worksheet for each composer in the Accent on Achievement books. Each composer is featured on one page for easy homework assignments.

  • Period Picture
  • Biographical Material
  • World Events Timeline
  • Assessment Exercises


World Music Locator Maps

You'll find these maps supplemental to the folk songs learned by students in their lesson books. You can easily acquaint your students with these beautiful melodies and help them find their origins on the world map as well!

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Sample Letters To Parents

These letters will help you communicate better with parents to notify them of important stages in their child's These letters will help you communicate better with parents to notify them of important stages in their child's learning. There are letters for beginning the school year, concert dates, and end of the school year, in both English and Spanish.

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Rhythm Flashcards

Contains 40 different rhythms are covered in the flash cards. Perfect for drilling the class on clapping rhythmic patterns!

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Listening CD

Included On The Listening CD:
Recorded excerpts of symphony

The CD contains recorded excerpts of symphony orchestras and concert bands playing the classic works that are included in the book, in their original forms.

  • Full versions of the an class="style4">Full versions of the Accent on Chorales