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Expressions Music Curriculum™ is a comprehensive music program that encompasses Kindergarten through grade 8. An outgrowth of Vision 2020, it is the only music curriculum to be both National Standards-based and literacy-driven. Its spiral scope and sequence provide teachers with the structure to build cumulative understanding, knowledge, and skills that will benefit students throughout life.

With Music Expressions™ as their foundation, elementary-school students will be prepared and eager to expand their music making into instrumental and choral experiences. By building on their studentsí experience and repertoire, secondary-school teachers will take them to the next level of music competence.

Features & Benefits

National Standards-based curriculum
The comprehensive scope and sequence are based on the National Standards. The lessons and activities provide an easy-to-follow guideline to help you in your lesson planning.

Literacy driven and focused
With specific, clearly outlined learning objectives indicating skill development, comprehension, critical thinking, and practical life skills applications built into the instructional framework of every lesson, the program drives total music literacy and understanding. Unique in its focus, the Music Expressions™ program is designed to produce students who are musically literate and competent. It integrates elements of accepted methodologies such as Orff, Kodàly, Gordon, and others.

Connecting all music teachers
Tracking music learning from the foundation on up, this program is groundbreaking in its value to studentsí understanding, learning, and love of music, and in how it supports the connections between all music teachers. Newly created, this feature does not exist in any other program. Providing unique methodology, this curriculum bridges the teaching gap between elementary- and secondary-school levels.

Embedded assessments
Recognizing the need for building an assessment of competency, knowledge, and skill acquisition, this innovative feature helps teachers determine how their students are doing throughout the process (as compared to tagging this assessment onto the end of lessons).

Original recordings, diverse artists
With original recordings (not MIDI-produced music) and a diverse range of artists, this curriculum brings the richness and authenticity of some of the best music ever produced right into your classroom. Engaging, inspiring, and enlivening your students, this wide-ranging, relevant, and purposeful music will educate your students as it brings real-life learning into your classroom.

Real-world musicians in your classroom
The real-world musicians of Music Expressions™ are exemplars in their fields. Composers, conductors, and performers such as Quincy Jones, Evelyn Glennie, John Williams, Denyce Graves, Bob McGrath, Reba McEntire, Dave Brubeck, Joanne Shenandoah, and others are featured through Artist Portraits.

Easy-to-use turnkey lessons and activities
The lessons and activities in the curriculum have features that clearly organize and outline the material in a way that facilitates flexible learning. With clearly labeled charts, symbols, icons, and categories that are easy to follow, the materials are structured for flexibility, allowing you, the educator, to make use of the Lesson Snapshot, the full lesson, or both.

Living curriculum: ongoing relevance
Updated Web resources provide continual information that keeps the curriculum fresh and current as new trends in music education emerge. New resources and content add value to the foundation already in place and ensure excitement in the classroom. These valuable resources for the teacher, parent or guardian, and student extend and enrich learning in the music classroom and at home.

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