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Guitar Expressions™ by Aaron Stang with Bill Purse is a complete class guitar curriculum designed to meet the needs of the contemporary class guitar instructor. Guitar Expressions™ incorporates multiple learning styles—combining music literacy-based learning with creative rote and aural learning. These two approaches build on, and reinforce, each other, allowing students and teachers to nurture individual strengths. Students simultaneously use melodic and harmonic approaches to the guitar while learning to read music, understand music theory, improvise, and perform song accompaniments. Throughout the book, students perform solos, duets, and ensembles using a progressive approach in which songs are introduced and then built upon in succeeding units.

In addition to core guitar skills, students are exposed to a variety of musical styles and to the cultures from which those styles originated. Students learn how the guitar is used in these various styles and cultures-and about the musicians who define them. Assessments are embedded throughout, and the integration of art, internet searches, and cross-curricular activities provides for a complete learning experience.

Unique Elements
  • The student will read music and play by ear
  • The student will play solos, duets, and ensembles
  • The student will explore a variety of musical styles, including flamenco, folk, traditional, classical, jazz, rock, blues, and bluegrass
  • The student will explore a variety of musical cultures
  • The student will play melodies and chords
  • The student will play with a pick and fingerstyle
  • The student will consistently explore music theory and apply their knowledge to real performance situations
  • Spiral bound
  • Full color
  • Available CDs featuring complete play-along and demonstration tracks plus complete explanations of all techniques taught
  • Free downloadable Guitar Guru software allows students to use their computers to view animated fretboard displays of selected songs

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