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Common Elements of Band Expressions™, Orchestra Expressions™ and Jazz Expressions™

• National Standards-based
National Standards, clearly defined and labeled, are the foundation for every lesson.
• Literacy-driven and Focused
Clearly outlined learning objectives indicating skill development, comprehension, critical thinking, and practical life skills applications are built into the instructional framework of every lesson.

• Prescriptive Lessons
The step-by-step process of teaching lessons—flexible for use by both the new and veteran teacher.

• Lesson Structure (Focus, Develop, Finish)
This unique feature structures each lesson to have three components: focus, develop, and finish.

• Teaching Tips
Guides for the new teacher and reminders to the veteran teacher of specific concepts and teaching techniques.

• Composer Portraits
Provides information about significant composers and performers as well as information about history from their times to put their compositions/performances in perspective.

• Fine Art Examples
Artwork is integrated into lessons to reinforce music concepts.

• Listening Activities
Listening exercises are incorporated in each lesson to help in developing the students' ears in order to further develop musical knowledge and listening skills, and appreciation.

• Embedded Assessments
Stop to Think – Guide students in reflecting on the lesson content.
Scanning for Progress – Specifics of how and what to look for in student progress.
Recording Progress – System for teachers to keep record of student improvement and achievement.

• At-home Materials
Unique assignments that provide guided practice as well as a connection to band, orchestra, and jazz rehearsals.

• Web site Support
Updated Web resource keep the curriculum current. These valuable resources for the teacher, parent or guardian, and student extend and enrich learning in the classroom and at home.

• Curricular Pacing
Lessons develop at the same pace so that learning progresses at a consistent rate in all methods.

• Teacher Resource Guide
Guide includes assessment, scheduling, classroom management, advocacy, education and resource strategies, and more.

• Diverse Musical Styles
Diverse musical styles such as popular, traditional, classical, folk, and world music, to reinforce lesson concepts.

• Original, Real-instrument Recordings
Lesson-specific listening and accompaniment recordings of high quality "real" music, not music selected merely for the class. All recordings utilize real instruments and ensembles to support and guide learning.

• Cultural Focus
Cultural and historical connections are integrated into the lessons.

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