By Liz Ficalora
(00-39097) | Book & CD | $19.99

  • 56 Pages
  • 54 Track CD Included
  • 15 Charts of Current Songs:
    My Favorite Mistake
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams
    Peaceful Easy Feeling
    …and more!
  • Use at your gigs and more!
This innovative and simple approach to drum chart writing takes almost no time to learn. Designed for drummers, composers, and students, this method won’t require multiple pages and bar after bar of music. Instead, you will see the full form of a song on one page with only a few measures of drum notation to keep yourself in the groove. The accompanying CD includes demonstrations of the examples in the book.


#1 How to Get an Audition with
a National Act or Road Band

#2 The Questions to Ask When
You Get That Call


Answers for Ear Training Exercise
on Page 22

Answer for "Take a Picture"
Chart on Page 35