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Sound Innovations: Sound Development for Advanced String Orchestra
Warm-up Exercises for Tone and Technique
These video master classes correlate to Sound Development and provide skill-based practice opportunities. Each one- or two-minute clip focuses on a specific skill and allows you to view the authors teaching the technique. Each video corresponds with a lesson in your book. Look for the purple play button throughout the book.
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Bob Phillips Kirk Moss
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Pg 2, Bowing Lanes
Pg 3, Bow Weight
Pg 4, Bow Speed
Pg 4, Bow Division
Pg 5, Vibrato Upper Strings
Pg 5, Vibrato Lower Strings
Pg 6, Martelé
Pg 9, Collé
Pg 10, Spiccato
Pg 14, Shifting
Page 2, Bowing Lanes
Page 3, Bow Weight
Page 4, Bow Speed
Page 4, Bow Division
Page 5, Vibrato Upper Strings
Page 5, Vibrato Lower Strings
Page 6, Martelé
Page 9, Collé
Page 10, Spiccato
Page 14, Shifting