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Sound InnovationsTM
Sound Innovations for Guitar is a revolutionary new method that utilizes solid pedagogy and modern technology to provide students and teachers with the skills needed to play modern guitar— with a focus on real-world guitar skills. The method follows state and national music education standards and was built with feedback from guitar teachers across the country.
  • Focus on real-world guitar skills
  • Musically satisfying lessons focus on core guitar skills like strumming and fingerpicking chords, playing pivotal rock and blues riffs, improvising, reading music, and applying music theory
  • Students simultaneously learn rhythm and melody parts while performing in groups and ensembles
  • Innovative pedagogy develops proper technique for both hands, and allows students to play chords and perform essential guitar parts early on
  • Clear, focused goals and benchmarks organized into six levels
  • Clean page layout for quick identification of concepts
  • Video lessons on DVD explain and demonstrate all concepts and techniques, demonstrated by the authors and an actual student
  • MP3 recordings demonstrate every example and song in the book with play-along accompaniments, and specialized instructional tracks feature concise explanations and demonstrations of all new concepts and techniques
  • SI Player software allows tracks to be slowed down and sections looped for continuous practice
Resources for Teachers
  • The Teacher Edition contains lesson plans and suggestions for expansion and assessment
  • MP3 and DVD demonstrations and explanations provide key examples and information for both teacher and student
Teacher Help Line: The Sound Innovations for Guitar authors, Aaron Stang and Bill Purse, are available to answer teachers’ questions about using the method or implementing a guitar program. Email them at siguitar@alfred.com.
Worksheets and Reference: Click here to download materials that correlate with the Teacher’s Edition, Book 1.
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