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Sound InnovationsTM
Sound Innovations for Concert Band is a revolutionary new method that combine time-tested educational concepts, input from thousands of teachers, advances in modern technology, and solid pedagogy that follows state and national music education standards.
Sound Innovations for Concert Band is available in two versions: the Standard Edition (Book 1, Book 2, and Sound Development), selected by our industry-leading author team and available anytime at your local retailer, and the Director's Choice Edition (Book 1) which, for the first time in history, gives teachers the ability to customize their own method and use their own experiences in creating the best method book for their unique classrooms.
Book 1 and 2 Features
Both the Standard Edition and the customizable Director's Choice Edition feature:
  • Master Classes with expert musicians and teachers on DVD referenced throughout the entire book
  • Recorded melody examples and play-along accompaniments for every line of music in the book
  • Availability in SmartMusic, with FREE access to the first 100 lines of music in Book 1
  • Clean page layouts and clear organization of concepts
Book 2 Standard Edition
Sound Innovations Book 2 continues your students’ musical journey by teaching with a segmented presentation of new concepts and introducing ensemble playing. Isolating concepts and teaching them individually help facilitate understanding of the more advanced material. Continuing with the unique Sound Innovations organization by levels, the book contains four levels, each of which are divided into several sections that introduce concepts separately and provide plenty of practice and performance opportunities to reinforce each lesson.
Ensemble Development
Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development is a valuable resource for helping your students grow in their understanding and abilities as ensemble musicians. It contains 412 exercises, including more than 70 chorales by some of today’s most renowned concert band composers. An assortment of exercises are grouped by key and presented in a variety of intermediate difficulty levels. Where possible, several exercises in the same category are provided to allow variety, while accomplishing the goals of that specific type of exercise. You will notice that many exercises and chorales are clearly marked with dynamics, articulations, style, and tempo for students to practice those aspects of performance. Other exercises are intentionally left flexible for the teacher to determine how best to use them in facilitating the goals and addressing the needs of their ensemble. Whether your students are progressing through exercises to better their technical facility, or challenging their musicianship with beautiful chorales, this book can be used after any band method or as a supplement to performance music. Preview the book.
Director's Choice Edition, Book 1
Sound Innovations Director's Choice Edition allows you to customize your own method book within a pedagogically sound framework to provide you with the flexibility you need to incorporate the teaching style and ideas that work best for your classroom. Follow our easy, step-by-step process to create your own method, which lets you:
  • Select the starting concert pitches
  • Select the starting rhythms
  • Substitute tunes or include song genres
  • Add review and enrichment pages
  • Optionally include note names in note heads
  • Personalize the cover and introductory page
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