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Choral Warm-Ups
Begin every rehearsal with a well-planned, technique-building warm-up. This will focus attention, provide a firm foundation for quality singing, and fine-tune your groups' ensemble skills.

The Complete Choral Warm-Up Book

The Choral Warm-Up Collection

The time you invest in teaching your students to read music today will save valuable rehearsal time tomorrow. So incorporate a few minutes of dedicated sight-reading practice as often as possible.

Sing at First Sight, Book 1

Sing at First Sight, Book 2

Rhythm Workshop
Music Theory
These handy reproducible books provide simple lessons and assessments on the basics. And Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory is a complete method that offers a well-paced, practical curriculum.

Ready to Read Music

60 Music Quizzes for Theory and Reading

Essentials of
Music Theory
Music History
Foster an understanding of music in relation to history and culture. We can learn so much from studying the past.

Accent on Composers

One-Page Composer Bios

Meet the Great Jazz Legends
Vocal Collections
Establish a library of solid vocal literature, and encourage students to polish their individual technique. Each time a singer makes personal progress, the quality of the ensembles in which they participate will improve in turn. Encourage solo singing at contest, or just for fun!

Folk Songs for Solo Singers, Volume 1

26 Italian Songs
and Arias

Singer's Library
of Song
Echo Songs/Rounds/Partner Songs
Train singers one step at a time. First, cultivate basic singing and listening skills with echo songs. Next, explore singing in canon. Finally, combine two independent melodies with a partner song. These are the building blocks to singing in harmony!

I Sing, You Sing

Rounds for Everyone from Everywhere

Grab a Partner!
General Music
There are many types of learners in a general music classroom and a multitude of skills to teach, so it is important to vary lessons and activities. Start by assembling a collection of strong curriculum-based resources, and then add creative supplements that will enhance core learning.

Kids Can Listen, Kids Can Move

Playing with the Classics

Recorder Express

Instrument Zoo!

Music Puzzles Plus

Music Fun 101

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