Belwin Hot Pop Series

Reach Your Students Through their Music
with Alfred's Hot Pop Series for Band and Orchestra

Why should rock stars have all the fun? Alfred's new Hot Pop Series brings the latest pop hits straight from radio directly to band and orchestra! Students will feel like rock stars performing these lively versions of today's hits with sophisticated yet fun arrangements and audiences will love the familiar tunes.

The series is intended for performances or practice sessions but either way, it will serve one major purpose: to motivate students by allowing them to perform fun, hip pieces. They can be used for advanced middle school or all high school.

"The primary goal is to keep the students engaged during practice," said George Megaw, Alfred's Belwin/Pop Concert Band editor. "Students often request to play songs they're familiar with, especially pieces on the radio."

"These songs are released monthly, so directors don't have to wait for the annual performance music releases to get new pieces for their group," said Bob Phillips, Alfred's Pop String Editor.

Why this series is hot and innovative: