A Cappella Pop
A Complete Guide to Contemporary A Cappella Singing
By Brody McDonald
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Instrument: Choir
A Cappella pop singing . . . it's the hottest trend in the nation! Author Brody McDonald's award-winning ensemble, Eleventh Hour, was the first high school group to appear on NBC's The Sing-Off, and now you can similarly challenge your top high school and collegiate age singers with this book! With a foreword by Deke Sharon, topics include forming your ensemble, music selection, rehearsal techniques, sound reinforcement, vocal percussion, and much more!
Chapter 22: Pop A Cappella in the Classroom with Alex Phan
Chapter 19: Effects (FX) Pedals by Christopher Given Harrison
Chapter 20: A Cappella Meets PR
Chapter 21: Creating the Culture
Chapter 2: The Audition
Chapter 3: So What Do We Sing?
Chapter 4: How to Structure Your Rehearsal
Chapter 5: Rehearsal Techniques
Chapter 1: What Are We, Anyway?
Foreword by Deke Sharon
How to Use This Handbook
Getting Started
Chapter 23: The Feeder Program
Chapter 24: Making A Recording by Freddie Feldman
Chapter 25: The Sing-Off
Chapter 6: Turkey Bacon
Chapter 7: Practice vs. Rehearsal
Chapter 8: The Balancing Act
Chapter 15: Moving to the Stage
Chapter 16: Booking a Gig
Chapter 17: Live Sound for Pop A Cappella by John Gentry
Chapter 9: Planning Your Set List
Chapter 10: Your Visual Plan
Chapter 11: What to Wear?
Chapter 12: Vocal Percussion by Jake Moulton
Chapter 13: What About the Bass? with Trist Curless
Chapter 14: The Solo Vocalist with Nate Altimari
Chapter 18: Microphone Technique