You Want Me to Teach What?
Transitioning to the Elementary Music Classroom
By Mari Schay and Michael Tolon
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You're a secondary instrumental or choral specialist, newly assigned to the general music classroom. What now? First, take a breath, calm down, and then read this book. Two experienced teachers who conquered this challenge offer practical advice with great care and wit. Chapters of the book address attitude, school environment, classroom management, curriculum and assessment, and student performance. In addition, concrete lesson plans are provided for each grade level. This book covers Pre-K through sixth grade.
Chapter 6: Learning Styles: Yours and Theirs
Chapter 7: Philosophies of Elementary Music Education
Chapter 8: Designing Your Curriculum
Chapter 9: Singing
Follow the Drinking Gourd
Chapter 5: Classroom Management
Lesson Plans
Yankee Doodle
A Lame, Tame Crane
A Ram Sam Sam
The Ants Go Marching
Chapter 10: Playing Instruments
Chapter 11: Listening and Responding
Chapter 12: Reading and Notating
Chapter 13: Assessment
Chapter 14: Performances
Peas Porridge Hot
Hot Cross Buns
Merrily We Roll Along
I've Been Working on the Railroad
And the Green Grass Grows All Around
Frère Jacques
Appendix A: Routines
Appendix B: What to Buy
Chapter 1: Attitudes: Yours, Theirs, and Ours
Chapter 2: Getting to Know the Kids
Chapter 3: Getting to Know the School
Chapter 4: Getting to Know the Room and What Is in It
Getting Started