Weather the Weather!
A Scientific Songbook or Program for Mini-Meteorologists Featuring Nine Nifty Weather Songs
By Andy Beck and Brian Fisher
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UPC: 038081223353
ISBN 10: 0739037390
ISBN 13: 9780739037393
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Category: Musicals and Programs
Format: Book
Instrument: Choir
Version: Teacher's Handbook
Voicing: Unison / 2-Part
Don't miss this excellent opportunity for cross-curricular study as your students sing in varied musical styles about ever-changing weather conditions. Collaborate with your school's science department to perform the suggested experiments, incorporate the brief rhyming verse between each song to create a theatrical presentation, or simply sing the energizing music as it coordinates to daily weather conditions. Whether the weather is bright or bleak, your students will enjoy singing these songs any day of the week!
1. Weather the Weather!
2. Precipitation Day
3. The Humidity Blues
4. Soakin' Up the Sunshine
5. Weather Warning!
6. Tornado
7. Blow, Ye Gentle Winds
8. Let the Storm Begin
9. Weather the Weather! Finale