45 Accompanied Vocal Warm-Ups That Teach Technique
Composed and arr. Andy Beck / recording orch. Tim Hayden
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ISBN 10: 0739096524
ISBN 13: 9780739096529
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Category: Choral Method
Format: Comb Bound Book & CD
Instrument: Choir
Each exercise in this invaluable resource is designed to reinforce fundamental vocal concepts for choral and solo singers of any age. Organized in 11 focused categories, the purpose of every warm-up is evident, and clearly-stated directions optimize growth. Supportive piano accompaniments, including progressive modulations, are lightly-orchestrated on the enclosed recording---perfect for ensemble rehearsals, studio lessons, or at-home practice. As an added bonus, PDF files on the enhanced CD provide extracted vocal lines on reproducible singer pages. An instructional book you will use again and again! Topics include: beginning warm-ups, posture, vowels, breath support, tone quality, diction, dynamics, articulations, diphthongs, blend, scales, intervals, harmony, and more. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.
Breath Support
Warming Up Our Voices
Beginning Warm-Ups Page
Come Now, Let Our Voices Ring
I Just Want to Sing
Sing a Joyful Song
Though the Notes May Rise
Drop Your Jaw
My, Oh Me, Oh My
Zing-a Zing-a Zah
The Lips, the Tongue, the Tip of the Teeth
Hey Ho
I Can Sing My Part
Sing Alleluia, Allelu
'Twas on a Silent Winter Night
Feet Are Firmly Planted
Relax, Release
Nee, Neh, Nah, Noh, Noo
With a Joyful Tone
Breath Support
Flying, Sighing
Resist Caving In
Take Time to Breathe
Tone Quality
Don't Want to Be Throaty
Just One Voice
Never Louder Than Lovely
Dynamics Are Fancy and Fine
Roll Your Shoulders
Sing Legato, Sing Staccato
Sing We Sforzando
We Are Crescendoing
Miscellaneous Skills
Do Is Like a Rock
Octaves and Sevenths
One, Five, Four, Five
Sing a Half Step
Short Songs
All Through the Night
Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
Music in the Morning
The Turtle Dove
A Diphthong Song
Listen and Blend
Consonants Are Planned