Violin Bow Technique
By Fintan Murphy
Item: 78-29994
UPC: 9780975742440
ISBN 10: 0739051342
ISBN 13: 9780739051344
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Category: String - Violin DVD-ROM
Format: DVD-ROM
Instrument: Violin
Violin Bow Technique, a new multimedia DVD-ROM by Fintan Murphy, shows you how you can develop and improve your bowing skills. More than 150 video clips in 11 chapters cover all the major bowstrokes, complete with the steps needed to develop artistic and advanced bowing. Violin Bow Technique is a wonderful fusion of Fintan Murphy’s in-depth research into bowing technique with state-of-the-art multimedia software. For players and teachers of violin and viola at all levels.

"In addition to being a highly useful tool for a student or teacher, this collection gives a rare and brilliant glimpse into the sequential thought process of a very good teacher. A student of pedagogy will have a field day here tracing the careful development of bowing technique from an obvious master teacher"

- American String Teacher magazine