Tune Buddies™: Getting to Know the Instruments
Item: 00-0018D
UPC: 723188000180
ISBN 10: 0757906524
ISBN 13: 9780757906527
PRICE: $9.95
Category: Music Appreciation DVD
Format: miniDVD
It's the first LIVE ACTION series to take children worldwide on a magical, musical voyage introducing them to the instruments that make the music. Tune Buddies is the perfect introduction to a child's lifelong musical journey. This award-winning program now available on miniDVD is compatible with all standard set-top DVD video devices. It features kid-friendly interactive menus, superior audio and video quality, and random access screen selection.

Whether you have a taste for classical music, or a hunger for rock 'n' roll, our tuneful chef has got the recipe for making beautiful music. Get to know the musical families and their key instruments.