This Is Music! Volume 6: Dizzy Dogs and Curious Cats
Music, Movement, and Literature Activities for Preschoolers
By Dena C. Adams and Claire D. Clark
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ISBN 10: 1470615487
ISBN 13: 9781470615482
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Series: This Is Music!
Category: General Music and Classroom Publications
Format: Reproducible Book & CD
Level: Preschool
Dizzy Dogs and Curious Cats is filled with engaging, easy-to-use, fun music activities. Designed for both teachers with little or no music background and seasoned professionals seeking fresh ideas, Dizzy Dogs and Curious Cats will introduce your students to familiar tunes, chants, and delightful new songs and poems. With several of the enchanting activities connecting directly to popular preschool literature books, there is a consistent thread of language and literacy awareness throughout the book. The audio CD contains much of the music included in the book---music arrangements for singing and playing instruments in class, dancing music, music for listening, and other songs needed for teaching these activities. Additional songs are precisely referenced to be readily located on iTunes. Fully reproducible, patterns for corresponding manipulatives and fun crafts are also included. Engage and delight your students with the charming lessons in Dizzy Dogs and Curious Cats! Recommended for Pre-K--grade 1.
Designed Just for You
About This Book
Use of iTunes, CD, and Instruments
Dizzy Dogs on the Go!
Funga Alafia (Welcome)
Pony Tails Dance
Literature Connection: Not Norman
Lots of Pets
Hey Diddle Diddle
Los Pollitos Dicen (The Baby Chicks Sing)
The Cat Paw Swat
Mini-Book: Fetch!
Yippy Yappy Yay!
Going Home
Literature Connection: I Love Cats
Oh, I Wish
Get Up in the Morning
Parangsai (Blue Bird)
Way Down Yonder
Goin' to the Pet Store
Igor Iguana
Storyboard Music: El SeƱor Don Gato
Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo!
My Goose
Spat, Case, and Roy
Jump, Dog, Jump!
Mini-Book: My Funny Little Kitty
Toucan Tim and Toucan Tina
Doggie Bath
Poor Little Kitty Cat
Literature Connection: Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
Pajarito (Little Bird)
My Pet Sounds Like This
My Pony Can Gallop: The Wild Horseman by Robert Schumann
The Pet Turn-Around Song
Wish I Were a Turtle
The Llama Walk
Big Commitment
Pet Pokey
Three Curious Cats
Bonus Songs for Instrumental Playalong, Sing-Along, and Dancing
Bow Wow Wow
Five Little Ducklings
Five Little Monkeys
Froggie Went A-Courtin'
La Muchacha, Cucaracha
Monkey in the Middle
Pop! Goes the Weasel
Directions for Making Mini-Books and Letter Cards
Index of American Sign Language
Index of iTunes Downloads and CD Tracks
Index of Activities