The Women of Western Music: Hildegard to Ella
The Music and Lives of 18 Noteworthy Composers, Teachers, and Performers
By Anna Wentlent
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Format: Book & Enhanced CD
Level: Grades 5 & up
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Balance your music history curriculum with this indispensable classroom resource! This long-awaited manual focuses exclusively on the female artists who haven't made it into most textbooks. Biographies, student assessments, and recordings are included for 18 important women who enriched the world with their incredible talents, such as Clara Schumann, Amy Beach, Marian Anderson, Ethel Merman, and Billie Holiday. Recommended for grades five and up. Book is 100% reproducible.
A Note from the Author
Hildegard von Bingen
Sacred Music in the Medieval Era
Bingen Bingo
Francesca Caccini
The Origins of Opera
Caccini Crossword
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
Keyboard Instruments Through History
Mendelssohn Matching
Clara Wieck Schumann
The Romantic Era
Schumann Scramble
Jenny Lind
The Pre-Civil War Era
Lind Letter Tiles
Amy Marcy Beach
Classical Music in the United States
Amy Acrostic
Maud Powell
The Development of Sound Recording
Powell Puzzler
Nadia Boulanger
The Prix de Rome
Boulanger Bingo
Florence Beatrice Price
African-American Spirituals
Price Puzzler
Germaine Tailleferre
The Twentieth Century Era
Tailleferre True or False
Edna White
The Vaudeville Stage
White Word Search
Marian Anderson
Classical Voice Types
Anderson Acrostic
Ruth Crawford Seeger
The American Folk Music Revival
Seeger Scramble
Ethel Merman
The Birth of Broadway
Merman Matching
Billie Holiday
The Swing Era
Billie Bingo
Ella Fitzgerald
The Great American Songbook
Fitzgerald True or False
Beverly Sills
The Building of Lincoln Center
Sills Scramble
Patsy Cline
The Grand Ole Opry
Cline Crossword
Answer Keys
About the Author
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