The Studio Percussionist, Vol. 1
Featuring Luis Conté
Item: 30-LPV140N
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PRICE: $29.95
Category: Percussion - Drum Video
Format: Video
Instrument: Drum
Geared for the serious recording percussionist, this video gives a first-hand glimpse at the recording process of one of the most sought-after studio percussionists in the world. Luis Conté demonstrates the recording of basic tracks and the overlaying of additional tracks to complete a cut. Additionally, he shows how to create entirely different "feels" from a single basic track and how to record multiple percussion instruments within a single track (allowing the over-dub process to maximize the available number of tracks). This video also highlights Luis' playing of congas, bongos, timbales, djembes, tambourines, cajons, shekeres, whistles, and miscellaneous small percussion instruments. (70 min.)