The Serious Guitarist: Essential Book of Gear
A Comprehensive Guide to Guitars, Amps, and Effects for the Dedicated Guitarist
By Tobias Hurwitz
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Series: The Serious Guitarist
Category: Guitar Reference
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
The Serious Guitarist: Essential Book of Gear is an invaluable source for everything you need to know about guitar equipment. With tons of photographs and illustrations, real-world explanations on how to achieve signature tones in a variety of genres, helpful tips on gear maintenance, and an in-depth overview of the landmark innovations in guitars and guitar-related technology from the 1930s to the present, this comprehensive book provides all the tools you need to gain a rich understanding of the evolution of electric guitar gear. Apply this knowledge to your own rig to unlock a signature sound that will set you apart from the crowd. The included companion CD features demonstrations of the equipment and setups covered in the book.
Medium Rig
The "Real" Rig
Setups for Different Musical Styles
The Blues Sound
Active Pickups
Handwound Pickups
Fender Stratocaster Setup
The Myth of the First Electric Guitar
Leslie Rotating Speaker
Leo Fender
Part 2: A Close Look at the Electric Guitar
Understanding the Electric Guitar
Guitar Gear Levels
More About Effects Loops
Paul Reed Smith
The Science of Sound
Amplitude and Types of Waves
Overtones (Harmonics)
Bradshaw Switching System
Rockman X-100
Floyd Rose Tremolo System
Tube Preamp
The Order of Effects
Amp Heads and Stacks
The 1990s
Pro Tools
Basic Amp Features
Boutique Amps
Point-to-Point Wiring
Phase Shifter
Neck Profile
MXR Phase 90
Other Phasers
Replacement Guitar Pickups: DiMarzio
Tuning Pegs (Machine Heads)
The Nut
The Locking Nut
The Compensated Nut
Innovations in the Late 1990s
Open Back or Closed Back?
2000 and Beyond
Amp Modeling
Guitar Apps
Ohmage and Impedance
Inside a Vacuum Tube
8- and 9-String Guitars
Preamp Tubes
Guitar-Based Video Games
Look, Ma, No Amp!
Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX II
Power Amp Tubes
Rectifiers and Rectifier Tubes
Tremolo and Vibrato
The Origins of Fuzz
Tape Echo
Tone Woods
Plywood in Electric Guitars
Wood Setup for Gibson SG Standard
Wood Setup for Paul Reed Smith Custom 24
The 1980s Hair Metal Sound
The Djent Sound
Over the Top Madness
Series and Parallel Pickup Wiring
Coil Tapping and Splitting
In and Out of Phase
The 1950s
Fender Broadcaster
Fender Precision Bass
The Jazz Sound
The 1970s Classic Rock Sound
The Funk Sound
Marshall Amps
Fretboard Radius
The Michael Angelo Batio Sound
How Radius Affects Playability and Performance
Compound or Conical Fretboard Radius
Scale Length
Marshall JTM 45: Beginning of the Marshall Stack
Fender in the 1960s
The Joe Satriani Sound
The Randy Rhoads Sound
The Charlie Christian Sound
The Wah-Wah
Conventional Scale Lengths
Additional Reading
Innovations in the Late 1960s
The 1970s
Talk Box
Fret Maintenance
Fret Type and Size
Number of Frets
The Bridge
Compressors and Limiters
Innovations in the Late 1970s
The 1980s
The Whammy Bar
How to Live in Peace with Your Double-Locking Trem
Locking Down a Trem (Blocking)
Part 3: The Technical Stuff
The Heavy Metal Sound
Gibson Les Paul
Kill Switches
Understanding Guitar Amps
Tube Amps
Solid-State Amps
The Combo Amp
Tube Power Amp
Eventide H3000
Customizing Marshalls
Double and Quad Guitars
Digitech Whammy Pedal
How to Chain Amps Together
Parker Fly
Grunge Pedal
Understanding Speaker Cabinets
Speaker Cones
Setups of Legendary Players
Gibson Flying V
Wood Setup for Fender Stratocaster
The Eddie Van Halen Sound
The Jimi Hendrix Sound
The Tom Morello Sound
Wood Setup for Carvin Custom 7-String
More About Guitar-Building Materials
The Truss Rod
The 1960s
Fuzz Boxes
Ring Modulation
"The Log" by Les Paul
Humbucking Pickups
Small Rig
The First Amplifiers
Early 7-String Guitar
Early Talk Box
The 1940s
Ball End
Coated Strings
Single-Coil Pickups
Cable Test
Part 4: Real Rigs and What They Can Do
Real Rigs
The First Electric Guitars
Physical and Virtual Effects
Noise Reduction
Noise Is Everywhere
Scrubbing the Noise
Other Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Rig
Types of String Windings
Half Roundwound and Quarter Roundwound
About the Author
Part 1: The History of Guitar Gear
The Transistor
Gibson Les Paul Setup
The Country Sound
Looking Ahead
Signal Flow and Level