The Pulse of Jazz
By Nic Marcy
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UPC: 038081470788
ISBN 10: 1470610353
ISBN 13: 9781470610357
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Category: Percussion - Drum Set Method or Collection
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Drum Set
Level: Late Elementary / Early Intermediate
With The Pulse of Jazz, drummer/educator Nic Marcy provides a complete method for building a jazz timekeeping vocabulary. Building on other classic jazz methods, the book provides exercises based around common timekeeping approaches from simple to very advanced (called “time lines”), and provides exercises to develop independence and comping facility with each approach. In this way, the book covers topics such as jazz shuffle ideas, Elvin Jones and Tony Williams concepts, displacement, polyrhythmic comping, comping in 3/4, three-and four-way interdependence exercises, metric modulation and more. The included disc contains 21 MP3 tracks (including play-along songs) and 34 QuickTime videos totaling over 20 minutes of running time.
About the Disc
Expanded 3/4 Over 4/4
Displaced 3
Expanded Time in 3/4
Hi-Hat Tickling
Tracks and Charts
3-2 Clave & Jazz Ride
Displaced 2
Workbox for 3-2 Clave/Standard Jazz Ride
Contemporary Timekeeping
Compressed 3 Over 4
Expanded 5 Over 4
Expanded 5
"Comping the Walking Bass Line"
Standard 4/4 Over 3/4
Ting Chic
Implied Modulation
Three-Voice Comping Against a Fragmented Time Line
Quarter-Note Triplet Hat/Ride
Three-Part Comping in 3/4
Comping in 3/4 with an Orchestrated Cymbal Pattern
Swingin' Feet
Quarter-Note Triplet in the Feet/Ride
Comping the Walking Bass Line
Eighth-Note Jazz
Second Line
Quarter-Note Pulse
Eighth-Note Shuffle
Standard Time Line with Triplet Comps
Standard Time Line Workbox
Standard Jazz Time Line with Improvisational Hi-Hat
Ting Chic Workbox
Timekeeping Concepts
Quarter-Note Core
"A Burrito Supreme"
"Gumbo Parade"
"So There"
"Status Q"
Other Important Jazz Studies
Recommended Listening
Comping the Walking Bass Line Workbox
About the Author
Comping the Walking Bass Line Part II
2 Over 3
Hi-Hat "Let"
Hi-Hat "Trip"
Workbox for 2-3 Clave/Standard Jazz Ride
2-3 Clave & Jazz Ride