The Music Producer's Survival Guide
Chaos, Creativity, and Career in Independent and Electronic Music
By Brian M. Jackson
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In this unique book, veteran producer, engineer, and teacher Brian Jackson helps you make sense of the sometimes confusing options now available to producers, and he shares clear, practical advice about shaping your own career in today's computer-centric "home studio" music world. Explore and expand your many creative and career pathways with the help of this friendly, philosophical take on the art and science of music production. You'll cover music technology, philosophy of music production, career planning, networking, craft and creativity, the DIY ethos, and much more. With his thoughtful, encouraging approach, Jackson will teach you to integrate your creative passion, your lifestyle, and your technical know how and to navigate the constantly changing musical landscape. In a unique approach to the topic, this book applies the insights from Chaos theory to the unpredictability, uncertainty, and complex interconnectivity that permeate life as a creative technical professional in the 21st century, using the inclusive "big picture" framework of Integral Theory. When it comes to surviving and thriving in today's music business, where is the aspiring producer to start? Right here!