The Key of One
A Revealing, Notation-Free Approach That Unlocks the Music Within You
By Robbie Gennet
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ISBN 10: 0739065904
ISBN 13: 9780739065907
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Category: Keyboard/Piano
Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Keyboard/Piano
Anyone can learn to express themselves on the piano by following Robbie Gennet's simple approach that completely leaves out sheet music and uses one basic formula to unlock the notes of every major and minor scale. Robbie thoroughly demonstrates his method on the DVD, which includes audio accompaniments in every key for jamming, and software that allows accompaniments to be transposed for gaining ultimate command of any musical key.

"Gennet focuses on attitude just as much as on notes---all in a passionate, personal, and uncondescending way that keeps beginners coming back to the piano."
-Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine