The Journey of Invention
By David Marlatt
Item: 81-WWE1295
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ISBN 10: 1554739616
ISBN 13: 9781554739615
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Series: Eighth Note Publications
Category: Woodwind - Mixed Ensemble
Format: Score & Parts
Instrument: Woodwind Ensemble
Instrumentation: Interchangeable Woodwind Ensemble
Level: Easy
Inventions have changed our lives. Whether it be the wheel, electricity, car, telephone, or the microchip, inventions have allowed us to live better, and sometimes longer, lives. This piece is about the path or journey to these great discoveries. Some of the greatest minds in the world worked tirelessly for decades to create something, or even a concept, that we have all benefitted from. The music is always moving forward-advancing. Even with slight sidetracks or failed experiments, the journey presses on, the journey of discovery.