The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Piano
Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Now!
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ISBN 10: 0739057715
ISBN 13: 9780739057711
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Series: Complete Idiot's Guide
Category: Piano Method
Format: CD-ROM with UV Coating
Instrument: Piano
Not just for idiots! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Piano is perfect for all beginners with no prior training, or as a refresher for those who played before! For use with pianos or keyboards, this guide is a step-by-step approach to learning the entire keyboard. CD-ROM users will learn how to form the most important chords and scales, finger aerobics to make playing easier, and the art of playing with feeling and expression. All lessons are in full-motion video with high-quality digital audio sound.

The Interactive PianoView song player teaches exactly how each song should be played, including note names, finger numbers, and scale degrees. The piano keyboard syncs note-for-note to music notation, and users can adjust the tempo of digital audio files without changing the pitch! Learn to play by ear, even if you've never taken a piano lesson! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Piano is everything you need to start playing now!