The Clean-Up Kids
A Musical That Helps Children Understand Simple Ecology and Environmental Issues
By Judy Stoehr
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ISBN 10: 0757904327
ISBN 13: 9780757904325
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Category: Musicals and Programs
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Choir
Level: Grades K-5
Version: Complete Package with CD & Reproducible Script
This marvelous mix of singing, dancing and learning will help children better understand simple ecology and environmental issues. Section I of the Teacher's Guide is The Musical, including songs, script, choreography with sign language and instruction for costumes, props, set design and staging. Section II of the Teacher's Guide expands the educational possibilities with Classroom Connections, a collection of lessons, ideas and tools which includes word sheets for each song, teacher notes and tips, integrated learning activities and extensions for building awareness, enhancing musical abilities and just having fun! This broad-based instructional package teaches so many elements of the arts that it's bound to be the showpiece of any class. Titles include: The Clean-Up Kids * Pollution * The R's of Ecology * R-E-C-Y-C-L-E * Saving Planet Earth * Clean Up Your Part of the World. Kindergarten - Grade 5.