The Bean Bag Zoo Collector's Series, Book 2
Item: 00-18778
PRICE: $5.95
Using visual imagery and tales of Bean Bag animal adventures to achieve musical goals, The Bean Bag Zoo Collector's Series Book 2 takes late elementary piano students on a fun and engaging musical journey. For example, playing with dramatic flair becomes easier when picturing a snarling bull or a scary, but friendly gorilla. Legato playing feels natural when visualizing a magical unicorn or a slithering snake. Seven solos in all-definitely a collector's item!
I'm a Gorilla Catherine Rollin (composer)
Jungle Fever Catherine Rollin (composer)
My Very Friendly Pup Catherine Rollin (composer)
Mystical, Magical Unicorn Catherine Rollin (composer)
Snake Charmer Catherine Rollin (composer)
The Bean Bag Bull Catherine Rollin (composer)
Waddle, Waddle Catherine Rollin (composer)