The Artistry of Fundamentals for Band
By Frank Erickson
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Instrument: Timpani
Instrumentation: Timpani
A collection of technical studies designed for use with either full band or individual practice. The method is divided into eight units, each focusing on a major key and its relative minor key and includes such studies as chorales, scale studies, arpeggio studies, interval studies, rhythm rounds, articulation studies, speed drills and etudes to help reinforce new concepts. An excellent way to prepare students for advanced grade III and most grade IV material.
UNIT 1: B-flat Major / G Minor (Concert)
UNIT 2: F Major / D Minor (Concert)
UNIT 3: C Major / A Minor (Concert)
UNIT 4: E-flat Major / C Minor (Concert)
UNIT 5: G Major / E Minor (Concert)
UNIT 6: A-flat Major / F Minor (Concert)
UNIT 7: D-flat Major / B-flat Minor (Concert)
UNIT 8: D Major / B Minor (Concert)