Technical Skills, Level 6
Ed. Jane Magrath
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ISBN 10: 073902423X
ISBN 13: 9780739024232
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Series: Technical Skills
Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Late Intermediate
A progressive series of motivating technical volumes for students who may not always desire technical work. Useful for the transfer student as well as for students working in progressive order. Designed to develop finger fluency and skill in playing chords. May be used with Masterwork Classics or separately.
And Go to Here! Jane Magrath (contributor)
Circle Around Jane Magrath (contributor)
Etude [Op. 108, No. 7] Ludwig Schytte (composer)
Etude [Op. 163, No. 2] Louis Köhler (composer)
Etude [Op. 163, No. 4] Louis Köhler (composer)
Etude [Op. 261, No. 33] Carl Czerny (composer)
Etude [Op. 261, No. 5] Carl Czerny (composer)
Etude [Op. 261, No. 6] Carl Czerny (composer)
Etude [Op. 37, No. 1] Henry Lemoine (contributor)
Etude [Op. 37, No. 2] Henry Lemoine (contributor)
Etude [Op. 70, No. 44] Hermann Berens (composer)
Hymn [Op. 117, No. 27] Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
Jazzy Virtuoso Jane Magrath (contributor)
Jazzy Virtuoso Jane Magrath (contributor)
Joyful Rejoicing Jane Magrath (contributor)
Olympic Fanfare Jane Magrath (contributor)
Patterns and Colors Jane Magrath (contributor)
Progressing Jane Magrath (contributor)
Reaching for the Goal Jane Magrath (contributor)
Rocking Octaves Jane Magrath (contributor)
Rolling Over Jane Magrath (contributor)
Seventh Heaven Jane Magrath (contributor)
Study No. 11 Charles-Louis Hanon (composer)
Study No. 13 Charles-Louis Hanon (composer)
Study No. 15 Charles-Louis Hanon (composer)
Study No. 21 Charles-Louis Hanon (composer)
That Thirds Thing! Jane Magrath (contributor)
U-Turns Jane Magrath (contributor)