Teaching Music Across the Curriculum
By Valeaira Luppens and Greg Foreman
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ISBN 10: 0739080660
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Category: General Music and Classroom Publications
Format: Book
Level: Grades 2--6
This innovative music teaching tool supports students' learning needs while increasing critical and higher level thinking skills in students' developing brains. By using the authors' inventive teaching techniques, music educators can create musical meaning while simultaneously reinforcing and supporting other curricula, such as Communication, Art, Math, History, Social Studies, and Science. This curriculum offers creative, fun, and ready-to-teach lesson plans that will build and increase students' musical skills. Throughout the book, students are provided with opportunities to create, analyze and perform music in enjoyable and challenging ways. Reproducible student pages are included, making lessons a snap to prepare, keeping students actively engaged, and allowing for easy assessment. Teaching Music Across the Curriculum uses a winning combination of creative teaching strategies that connect students to materials, concepts, vocabulary, and ideas they're studying in their classrooms, while reinforcing the musical information they need to retain. Grades 2--6.