Tascam TRACKPKX1 Track Pack X1 Computer Recording Kit
contains one US100 interface, headphones, microphone and Audacity software
Item: 23-TRACKPKX1
UPC: 043774025305
PRICE: No Longer Available
Series: Tascam
Category: Pro Audio Accessories
Format: Accessory
Free your creativity with the Track Pack X1 from TASCAM. This package contains the components you need to turn your Mac or PC into a total production system for music, podcasting or production.
The US-100 is your computer's gateway into the audio world. More than just a soundcard, it has a pro-quality microphone preamps for connecting any type of microphone. The included MC-VT1 dynamic microphone is ideal for recording instruments like electric guitar, drum kits and rock vocals. The US-100 also has a line input, for recording powered devices like keyboards, drum machines and guitar amp modelers. A phono level switch allows you to connect a turntable for recording your vinyl albums. Connect a pair of speakers to the line outputs, or use the included HP-VT1 headphones. The Track Pack X1 is the perfect starter kit for recording music on your computer. You get a TASCAM-quality audio interface, dynamic microphone, studio reference headphones and even the recording software to make it all work together. The included Audacity software is an easy-to-use recording and mixing application for Mac and PC.