Suzuki Flute School Flute Part, Volume 2 (Revised)
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ISBN 10: 0757924719
ISBN 13: 9780757924712
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Series: Suzuki Flute School
Category: Woodwind - Flute (Suzuki)
Format: Book
Instrument: Flute
The Suzuki Method® of Talent Education is based on Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's view that every child is born with ability, and that people are the product of their environment. According to Dr. Suzuki, a world-renowned violinist and teacher, the greatest joy an adult can know comes from developing a child's potential so he/she can express all that is harmonious and best in human beings. Students are taught using the "mother-tongue" approach. Titles: Minuet from Orfee et Eurydice (C. W. Gluck) * Theme from Sonata in B Major for Piano and Flute, ANH. 4 (L. van Beethoven) * Minuet, BWV Anh. II 115 (J. S. Bach) * March, BWV Anh. II 122 (J. S. Bach) * Minuet from Orchestra Suite in B Minor, BWV 1067 (J. S. Bach) * The Last Rose of Summer (Irish Air) * Theme from Melancholic Fantasy (M. A. Reichert) * Allegretto from Carnaval de Venice (P. A. Genin) * Minuet (G. P. Telemann) * Gavotte (J. S. Bach) * Polonaise (J. S. Bach) * On Wings of Song from Six Songs, Op. 34, No. 2 (F. Mendelssohn). This title is available in SmartMusic.
Minuet Chr. W. Gluck
Minuet J. S. Bach
March J. S. Bach
Minuet J. S. Bach
The Last Rose of Summer Irish Air
Theme L. van Beethoven
Melancholic Fantasy M. A. Reichert
Allegretto P. A. Genin
Minuet G. P. Telemann
Gavotte J. S. Bach
Polonaise J. S. Bach
On Wings of Song F. Mendelssohn