Steve Morse: The Definitive Steve Morse
Steve Morse
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ISBN 10: 0757931847
ISBN 13: 9780757931840
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Series: Alfred's Artist Series
Category: Guitar DVD
Format: DVD
Instrument: Guitar
The Definitive Steve Morse DVD features two exciting programs: The Essential Steve Morse features Steve covering and analyzing the components that make up his unique style. These include sound, equipment, picking, muting, scale concepts, soloing ideas, connecting positions, and monster technique. Also included is a section on how Steve learns difficult parts quickly and efficiently. The Complete Styles of Steve Morse features Steve using excerpts from his tunes, as well as original examples to illustrate the various styles he combines to achieve his unique sound. Steve explains his country, Celtic, and classical roots in depth, covering chicken pickin', double-stop playing, bluegrass and fiddle runs, banjo rolls, voice leading, and more. Special features include a tuning segment, a bonus lesson in picking techniques, Steve Morse Music Man Guitar Interactive, and printable PDF reference materials.