Spotlight on Romantic Style
Five Original Pieces for the Intermediate Pianist in Preparation for the Works of Chopin
By Catherine Rollin
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ISBN 10: 0739028057
ISBN 13: 9780739028056
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Category: Piano Collection
Format: Book
Instrument: Piano
Level: Intermediate
A collection of five original pieces that capture the most important elements of the Romantic style: expressive, cantabile melodies and full-bodied sound. Each selection explores a different Romantic form and style and provides an effective introduction to the Romantic era while remaining well within the reach of intermediate pianists. Suggestions and program notes are also provided.
Etude Catherine Rollin (composer)
Mazurka Catherine Rollin (composer)
Nocturne Catherine Rollin (composer)
Polonaise Catherine Rollin (composer)
Waltz Catherine Rollin (composer)