Spiritual Medley
Arr. Ben Parry
Item: 12-0571538134
UPC: 9780571538133
ISBN 10: 0571538134
ISBN 13: 9780571538133
PRICE: $1.85
Series: Faber Choral Singles
Category: Choral Octavo
Format: Choral Octavo
Instrument: Choir
Instrumentation: with Piano
Level: Elementary
Voicing: SAB
This medley comprises three songs that speak of a journey through trial to eventual salvation and liberty. It should gradually gather pace and energy from a slightly more reflective start, though retaining a lively feel throughout. "All My Trials" developed into a popular protest song in the 1950s and 60s and has been recorded by, amongst others, Joan Baez, Paul McCartney and Elvis Presley. "By and By" is a more upbeat song with plenty of syncopated rhythms and more forthright dynamics---it should be sung and played with lots of energy. We end with "I Want Jesus to Walk with Me," a true pilgrim journey full of trials and breaking hearts, but never giving up on hope and final deliverance. The tempo should really pick up for this final section, galvanized by the walking bass line and more jazzy harmonies, and reaching its climax in the final few measures.

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