Spice It Up
Songs, Dances, Games, and Orff Accompaniments for Elementary and Middle School Students
By Konnie Saliba
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ISBN 10: 0769268498
ISBN 13: 9780769268491
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Category: Orff School Orchestra
Format: Book
Level: Elementary / Middle School
Spice It Up is a collection of songs for students of all ages. Some songs are traditional, well-known melodies. Some are folk songs, and some were written by author Konnie Saliba just for fun. All of the lessons provide ideas for the teacher to "kick it up a notch" during the music hour, and encourage creative choices by the students so they can "take ownership" of the music they helped put together. This thoughtful, fun folio is designed with the needs of the music educator in mind, and contains lots of great ideas for both young and intermediate ability levels.