Solo Expressions for the Beginning Percussionist
By James Campbell
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ISBN 10: 0739045873
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Format: Book & 2 CDs
Instrument: Drum
Solo Expressions for the Beginning Percussionist is a sequential introduction of skills, techniques and knowledge through the performance of 40 solos for the percussionist. It begins at a novice level and gradually progresses through each solo to develop individual and ensemble skills. The play-along CD includes all solos and an introduction track for each that allows the player to experience the meter, volume, tempo and style before they begin to play.
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1. The Woodpecker (Snare Drum)
2. Rockin' on F (Keyboard Percussion)
3. Country Lane (Snare Drum)
4. Lift-Off (Timpani)
5. Flat Tire (Keyboard Percussion)
6. Hot and Cold (Multiple Percussion)
7. Bounce Beat (Snare Drum)
8. Climbing Wall (Timpani)
9. Ambos a Dos (Keyboard Percussion)
10. Gemini (Bongos)
11. Stress Out (Snare Drum)
12. Island Jam (Keyboard Percussion)
13. A Little Diddle (Snare Drum)
14. The Storm (Timpani)
15. Android (Keyboard Percussion)
16. Flam Jam (Snare Drum)
17. Three by Three (Snare Drum)
18. Ghost Story (Keyboard Percussion)
19. Tribal Dance (Timpani)
20. Sidecar (Multiple Percussion)
21. Stop Time (Multiple Percussion)
22. Can-Can (Keyboard Percussion)
23. Working 9 to 5 (Snare Drum)
24. Jungle Jim (Timpani)
25. Flam City (Snare Drum)
26. Dance of the Reed Flutes (Keyboard Percussion)
27. Slip and Slide (Multiple Percussion)
28. Wild Horses (Timpani)
29. Cheki Morena (Keyboard Percussion)
30. Rudiment Rumba (Multiple Percussion)
31. Drag Race (Multiple Percussion)
32. Double Trouble (Snare Drum)
33. Kite Festival (Keyboard Percussion)
34. Rush Hour (Timpani)
35. America (My Country, 'Tis of Thee) (Keyboard Percussion)
36. Along for the Ride (Multiple Percussion)
37. Step on the Gas (Multiple Percussion)
38. Surf's Up (Snare Drum)
39. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Keyboard Percussion)
40. Play Zone (Multiple Percussion)
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