Shredding the Composers
Heavy Metal Guitar Meets 8 of the World's Greatest Classical Composers
By German Schauss
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ISBN 10: 0739095595
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Series: Shredding Styles
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Format: Book, CD & DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Some of the most brilliant and virtuosic music of all time was written during the baroque, classical, and romantic periods by composers like Beethoven, Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart, and Chopin. Many of these exciting musical works are perfect for shredders of any era and take on a whole new life when adapted for heavy metal guitar. This collection of 10 classical masterpieces for shred guitar provides theoretical analysis to help you apply what you learn to your own compositions and soloing. Every piece features innovative techniques and ideas to shed new light on these timeless compositions and stretch your playing to new limits. The accompanying DVD includes demonstrations of many of the pieces, and the provided MP3 files feature all of the examples recorded at multiple speeds to help you practice and get you on your way to mastering the challenging compositions of these great classical composers.