Shred Boot Camp
The First Comic Book to Teach You the Secrets of Shred Guitar
By Tobias Hurwitz, illustrated by Jesse Smolover
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UPC: 038081329239
ISBN 10: 0739052772
ISBN 13: 9780739052778
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Category: Guitar Method or Supplement
Format: Book & CD
Instrument: Guitar
Shred Boot Camp is the first comic book of its kind: a complete book and CD package that guides you through the adventurous journey of saving the human race by performing heavy metal pyrotechnics on your guitar---all while teaching you to shred like a pro! As you conquer your way through this five-week workout, you'll be exposed to the most challenging licks from The Shred Squadron. CAUTION: Shred at your own risk---the world is depending on you!

"The fastest guitar I ever played in my life was on Shred Boot camp. It’s a great product!"-Michael Angelo Batio, Guitar World Magazine

"Shred Boot Camp has to be one of the coolest new shred books out to date!! Plus it contains some of my fastest playing EVER!!!!"- Dave Martone