Saxophone Poster
Item: 87-31331
UPC: 038081334455
ISBN 10: 0739055097
ISBN 13: 9780739055090
PRICE: No Longer Available
Category: Woodwind - Saxophone Poster
Format: Poster
Instrument: Saxophone
Castalia Communications' posters have been putting answers up on the walls for generations of musicians. This Saxophone poster will help players at every stage of their musical development. It has the world's all-time best sax fingering chart a complete cross reference system for music theory, and it teaches any player to solo by showing how to play the blue.

Poster includes: Fingering Chart * Treble Clef * Table of Keys * Chord & Scale Table * Circle of Fifths * Practice Tips * Sax Effects & Techniques * Transposing for Saxophone * Building & Improvising Solos.