Rush: 2112
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ISBN 10: 0739056336
ISBN 13: 9780739056332
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Series: Alfred's Classic Album Editions
Category: Percussion - Drum Set Personality Book
Format: Book
Instrument: Drum Set
Version: Drum Transcriptions
2112, Rush’s fourth album, is their earliest commercially successful hit and considered to be their first true "classic" album. With a unique blend of heavy rock and progressive rock, Rush crafted a true masterpiece in the seven-movement suite "2112," a concept piece with lyrics by Neil Peart that tells the story of a futuristic society controlled by technology. Titles: 2112 * A Passage to Bangkok * The Twilight Zone * Lessons * Tears * Something for Nothing.
2112 Geddy Lee (contributor); Alex Lifeson (contributor); Neil Peart (contributor)
Twilight Zone Geddy Lee (composer); Neil Peart (lyricist); Alex Lifeson (composer)
Lessons Alex Lifeson (composer)
Tears Geddy Lee (composer)
Passage to Bangkok Geddy Lee (composer); Neil Peart (lyricist); Alex Lifeson (composer)
Something for Nothing Neil Peart (contributor); Geddy Lee (contributor)