Rock Science DrumChannel.com Drum Trivia Game
Join the Rock Alliance, Beat the Competition
Item: 99-RSBG004DRC
UPC: 735006277049
PRICE: $39.95
Category: Game
Format: Board Game
Instrument: Drum Set
Celebrate the incredible music and performances of the greatest drummers of past and present, as well as the history and legacy of the world's first musical instrument, with this fun and challenging board game.

The DrumChannel.com game from Rock Science is a board game for 2--6 players. Players answer questions about drummer anecdotes, myths, drummers past and present, as well as legendary albums and songs. Each question has three levels of difficulty: Poser, Fan, and Scientist, covering players and performances of all genres including jazz, funk, rock, metal, country, and beyond. Poser questions are the easiest, allowing anyone to join in on the fun. Be the first to finish one lap around the board through the use of drum knowledge, clever betting, and a bit of luck to win the game!